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Anatomy Fitness is a high quality Personal Training experience, located in Richmond. We Specialise in movement rehabilitation, Strength Training, fat loss and stress management. “Your success” is defined as becoming pain free, developing functional strength, improving muscle mass, reducing body fat, improving sports performance and vigour.  
It is the belief of Anatomy Fitness that this can be achieved by anyone looking for a stronger, healthier lifestyle. No shortcuts and no fads. We focus on Consistency, hard work and effective programming. 

State-of the-art facility

Fitted-out with the latest Iron Edge training equipment guaranteed to supercharge your workouts along with with 24-hour access and security.

Online programs

Get started with Anatomy and gain exclusive access to online strength programs, video workouts, and specially developed Sport and Exercise Nutrition recommendations.

Group training

Accelerate your results with our Strongman group training sessions that have been adapted to an indoor training environment. Develop functional strength to use in everyday life.

Meet Jamie

Jamie Michalak is the Director and Head Coach at Anatomy Fitness and is a highly qualified Strength & Movement educator. Jamie has spent the last 13 years in the health & fitness industry.

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Our Group training

Accelerate your results with our group training sessions that have been adapted to an indoor training environment. Develop functional strength to use in everyday life. Researchers used a circuit training protocol of 12 sets in 31 minutes. EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption) was elevated significantly for 38 hours post-workout. That's a significant timeframe for metabolism to be elevated. If you trained for one hour on Monday morning, you'd still be burning more calories (without training) at midnight on Tuesday.


Thursday,  7-8 PM

Tabata is completed in four-minute increments and completed with higher intensity than other HIIT exercises. Tabata's rest period is also shorter, always lasting only 10 seconds. Other HIIT exercises can have longer recovery periods, sometimes up to two minutes.

High-intensity interval training

Tuesday, 7-8 PM

HIIT is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue. These intense workouts typically last under 30 minutes, with times varying based on a participant's current fitness level. The duration of HIIT also depends on the intensity of the session.

Metabolic conditioning

Saturday, 8-9 AM
Metabolic conditioning is a method of training that involves a very high work rate, using the superset method (involves two exercises performed back-to-back that work separate muscle groups), short periods of rest designed to burn more calories during your workout and maximise calories burned after your workout (EPOC, informally called after-burn). these routines are intended to increase your body's storage and delivery of energy for any activity. 
We Generally use compound exercises to recruit more muscle with a higher energy demand. Resistance may come from your own bodyweight or from equipment such as machines, Dumbbells, barbells, Olympic rings, resistance bands and Kettlebells. 

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Gym opening hours

Members can access with the gym any time between these set hours with your issued swipe card.
  • Monday 6AM - 9PM
  • Tuesday 6AM - 9PM
  • Wednesday 6AM - 9PM
  • Thursday 6AM - 9PM
  • Friday 6AM - 9PM
  • Saturday 6AM - 9PM
  • Sunday 24 hours


Unit 2 392 South Road, Richmond SA 5033


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