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Our training programs are based on scientific principles and techniques used by the top coaches in the world. We specifically target our clients mindset, goals and needs to customise their training program for improving muscular strength, motor performance, lean muscle mass and body fat percent.

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Start the day off day right!

Your choice of food to start the day, will determine your mindset for the rest of the days nutrition.

When I start working with a new client, the first thing I will change in their respective nutrition plan is breakfast. Typically I will gradually introduce a meat and nut variation of breakfast.

Fuel your training, boost strength, gain lean muscle and get lean!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, here are the reasons why.

  1. Sets up neurotransmitters for the day.
    In the morning you want chemicals in your brain to give you drive, focus, and motivation for the whole day.
    Specifically dopamine and acetylcholine. Dopamine is the drive, and acetylcholine is responsible for memory, thinking processes, and concentration. Meat and eggs will give you the precursors for dopamine and nuts will provide the factors for acetylcholine.
  2. Best pre-workout meal.
    When it comes to drive, red meat will provide the tyrosine and phenylalanine, precursors of Dopamine. For the same reason, white fish and white meat will be poor choices pre-workout. Food high in choline (precursor to acetylcholine) will improve your focus and attention, that are crucial in training and virtually all sports. Eggs are another natural source of dietary choline. Make sure to consume the whole egg, as more than 90 percent of the choline is found in the yolk, plus it is a source of good fats that will provide a slower digestion and stable blood sugar. Sadly, eggs are one the most common food intolerances, so I strongly suggest you get tested in order to see if you can enjoy the taste and benefits.
  3. Maintains stable blood sugar levels.
    The meat allows for a slow and steady rise in blood glucose and the nuts provide a great source of healthy smart fats that allow the blood sugar to stay stable for an extended period of time.
    4. Provides better food choices for the whole day.
  4. If you want to stick your nutrition plan, start with your breakfast. According to multiple studies, the first meal of the day affects food choices and calorie consumption throughout the day. If you choose a higher protein intake in the morning, you are more likely to stick with a high protein and low carbohydrates meals during the rest of the day as well.
  5. On the road or travelling interstate.

Unfortunately, getting a good meat & nuts breakfast is a big challenge when travelling and it turns out to be one of the worst meals to eat out. Almost every restaurant or hotel offers choices of cornflakes or sugary cereal, pancakes, toasts, cookies, you name it… and if you are lucky you might find some eggs, cheese, and fresh vegetables or fruit. I don’t negotiate on my meat & nuts breakfast  “if you’re failing to plan, you’re planning to fail.” When I have to travel. I would pick up my groceries upon arrival, or grab my meal for the next day in a restaurant that I know, or has been suggested by a friend or local in the know. Look for meals that are compliant with their meal planner current habits/practices. most restaurants nowdays offer such meals.

  1. Fat is good for you!
    Fat has been condeamed for years, “damaging” the health of a few generations, but now fat is the new black! Which is great, since many high fat containing foods such as avocado, nuts, eggs, olives, organic butter, and seeds are great sources of many nutrients, Fat also plays an important role in increasing bioavailability of fat soluble vitamins and essential elements. For instance, studies have shown that your body will absorb only about 10 percent of a vitamin E supplement when it is taken without fat.
    What if you are allergic to nuts?

You can replace fat composition with any other form of healthy fat such as: avocado, organic goat butter, organic ghee, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and you can add a portion of berries or fruits with a low GI and low fructose content:
• Blueberries
• Raspberries
• Blackberries
• Strawberries
• Red or White Currant
• Gooseberry
• Loganberry
• Grapefruit
• Pomelo
• Plum
• Apricots
• Nectarine

Samples of meat & nuts breakfast

  • Top side steak and almonds
  • Slow-roast lamb and macadamia nuts
  • Ground Beef or ground beef patties and pistachios
  • Sirloin steak and walnuts
  • T-bone steak and Brazil nuts


How to gradually introduce the meat and nut breakfast and guidelines for success

  • Start with a protein shake in the morning. You can chose to add full organic cream, coconut oil, MCT oil and natural nut butter varieties.
  • Eat whole eggs. Cooking methods; scrabbled, poached, omelette or make frittata the night before.
  • Add a chicken breast, not as hard to eat as red meat.
  • To avoid food intolerance and sensitivities you simply need to plan properly by choosing at least 5 different sources of protein and 5 different type of nuts and rotate them during the week (see examples below).
  • You can add some non-starchy vegetables, tea, coffee, or herbal and spices. Milk, juices, and other beverages are NOT ALLOWED!



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