Get Serious Challenge

Supercharge your fitness goals with our Get Serious for 8 weeks challenge.

You either have an excuse or a reason not to get started. What will it be this time? We believe at Anatomy Fitness that there is a void in personal training! What if you could have access 24/7 to a personal trainer… well we have a solution.
Our 8 WEEK CHALLENGE will provide you with the coaching & tools to kick-start your healthier lifestyle. No shortcuts! No fads! We focus on consistent effort and quality programs that use cutting edge nutrition software to customise your plan within minutes.
This programs is great if you want to reduce body fat, gain lean muscle, develop functional strength, set a new PB, improve sports performance, vigour or get your body ready for summer?

What’s Included in the challenge?

  • Before and after 3D Body Scan
  • Two strength training programs per month, fat loss, lean muscle gain with
    corresponding video’s and printable PDF version.
  • Bonus weekly online training and nutrition coaching.
  • Facebook private forum for questions.
  • Access to iNutrition Pro software, gives you EVERYTHING you need to create fully
    customised nutrition plans in minutes… 45 minute tutorial.
  • Exclusive metabolic group training session, multiple sessions a week to choose from.
  • 10% Discount off ATP Science products for the duration of the program.

Gain access to all this for $260 – enter ‘earlybird’ at checkout before 24 August to receive 10% off. 



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